Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 25

uhh im tierd.

and bait car is a very exciting show.

where did sarah silverman go?

i feel like the skymall magizine should be mail to everyone.

im glad everyone has quit talking about tiger woods.

why do i close everyday?

i wish the snorks were still on.

i cant wait to go to the car show sunday.

i hate the parking here.

toll ways should be banned

lets make a deal is good show as well

i wish i had a pickup.

until whenever


Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 22

Today i woke up and showered and went to jasons deli where i had a wonderful egg salad sandwich. The people of jasons deli were out in full force though.

Ive been doing laundry all day and im just sick of it. and by all day i mean i woke up at noon and its 325 and nothing is hung its just all laying on the bed. My work clothes however are in the washer and i work at 445. . and i have to close...

i miss seven.

You know who i really like .... collon hanks. . . he should come around more

also i beleive that blake lewis is gay. He must be. He has gay face like clay akin or lance bass... I sware when i see him im ganna tell him he is. which he knows.

lori i know you dont read.

until tomorrow


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday 22

Today i went and saw rent with jon. The play was really good. The only thing i didnt like is that benny was white. .. why was he white. and i didnt like that "downstaris" was over the stage.

We went to yard house tonight and they have 85-87 beers on tap. We took the tour that changes every week. It was real fun.

I had a very good night.

drinking out of a 3rd place golf trophy makes you classy.

until tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday 20

sorry about missing yesterday. . . i sat 2 hours and mived 3 miles in traffic. i was in no mood to blog. but i did get to se lara and london. Londond is the cutest thing alive and i dont care if anyone reading has kids londons wins... until my niece is born then she wins with london close 2nd.

ive been off two days and its been nice. enjoy days off.

hey cflo.

taylahh you need to not be so ghrtto wiff dem boys.

and shaun come to h town,

until tomorrow


Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday 18

Today was my 231st day of not smoking. good for me.

In the past 48 hours ive work 23 hours

JonBenet is still missed

Tomorrow im hanging out with lara finally

I hate how my work doesnt respect what everyone does

icarly's special was tonight and i hated the ending

Stupid fredward

Im off the next two days

Jack in the box chicken strips arent too good

I wish it were march

I wish i had a parking spot closer to the apartment

I really wanted to go to red lobster tonight

I feel like jon and chelsie are the only ones who read this

depressing alittle.

until tomorrow


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday 17th

I hate working 12 hour days. It is so freakin redic. No breaks no anything but at least i went and got new shoes to wear at work. Today i will tell you things not to do at a restraunt.

-dont ask me to box your food then leave it and when i catch you walking out and hand it to you say "oh i decided against it"
- Tell the host that you need a table for ten, sit down, order water and bread, and then leave 3 minutes later with half the table.
- Dont order your child and adult meal and when they cant finish it and you dont want to pay for it say "oh he didnt like this"
- Dont tell me its my fault that you ordered the wrong cheesecake
- Dont be on your phone when ordering and point at things on the menu.. then when it comes out wrong tell me its my fault.
- its called wheat bread not brown or chocolate.
- if you leave a bad tip dont try to hide the reciept. Leave it just as it is jackass.
- dont let your kids drink all the soda they want and keep telling me to refill it.
- dont drink your drink so fast that i set it down and come back in a minute to get your food order and its gone.
- if your in a large group realize that im doing a bunch at once.
- I see you cup is empty and ill refill it you dont need to tell me.
- Do not wave at me across the restraunt to get me to your table.
- sit down when you get to the table and stay in the same seat.
- dont ignore your screaming kid. you are the only one doing it.

im sure i could contine but that is it for now.

Until tomorrow.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday 16

Jai hoe.

Today i woke up to get rodeo tickets and ticketmaster shoved it right back at me.. making me wait "inline" online and then saying nothing can be found. Wtf i woke up at 10:00 to get tickets and they were sold out by 10:15? .. no.

Because jon got through and guess who we are seeing?!?!

Mary J Blige (whom im very very excited about)
Lady A (with my mother, jon, and jim)
Black Eyed Peas (yay fergie ferge)
Rascall Flatts (with jon =) )

I also learned some good news today!
Lori (my mother) and my stepdad are coming down to houston the first of spring break and are going to lady a with us at the houston rodeo! Im very happy they are coming. Staying at a hotel up the road and coming to cheesecake with me.

Lori do you read my blog?? you should comment me if you do.

Until tomorrow.